In 2007, lifelong arena rock fan and veteran Jersey Shore musician Davey Lister found himself in the hot-seat as the new guitarist for legendary hair metal band Pretty Boy Floyd. Pretty Boy Floyd was among last bands who rode the vestige of the L.A. glory days of 80s rock and roll. They enjoyed moderate success on MTV with hits such as “Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire)”, and “I Wanna Be With You.” Pretty Boy Floyd’s debut album Leather Boys With Electric Toys had, at the time, also recently voted by the editors of Rolling Stone to be #50 in the “Top 100 Hair Metal Albums of All Time.”

After Davey’s tenure in Pretty Boy Floyd, he returned to his native New Jersey with a dream to start a project paying tribute to the gods of stadium rock, which he envisioned as being “Beatlemania meets Steel Panther.” Davey enlisted Jersey Shore session bassist Chris Brown (a.k.a Kriss Kaboom) to help him begin his rock and roll odyssey. Together, they forged what would become known as “Hair Metal Time Machine.”

For the next six years, Hair Metal Time Machine thrilled and delighted audiences up and down the tristate area of the Northeast. Not just being satisfied with the limitations of only performing hits from the eighties, Davey and his band decided to dig deeper and include the real forefathers of classic rock, and incorporated the glam gods of the 1970s into the show. There, The Great Rock ‘n Roll Time Machine was born.

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