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DAVEY LISTER - Lead Vocals / Guitars


David Lister came into this world screaming at the top of his lungs, and has no immediate plans of stopping anytime soon. Davey inherited his love of rock and roll from his father, who learned English by listening to The Beatles. His older cousins further ignited his musical passions by introducing him to bands like KISS, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and Queen. Since then, Davey has made it his lifelong mission to carry the torch of the original arena rock gods, and set the world on fire with electrified rock and roll. Davey's musical career has included stints as lead guitarist for Warner Bros. recording artists Mars Needs Women, and 80s hair metal legends Pretty Boy Floyd. Davey has also recorded with such notable artists as David Johansen of The New York Dolls, Cheri Curie of The Runaways, and 70s heartthrob Leif Garrett. 



Born and raised in Connecticut, Sarah Lister is an avid music fan, not only of classic rock 'n roll, but of classical, jazz, showtunes, and a plethora of other genres. Sarah was inspired by a wide and diverse array of artists and musicians in her lifetime, from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Alice Cooper. Sarah went to school for design, and is also The Great Rock 'N Roll Time Machine's marketing and advertising director. When not on stage, Sarah enjoys writing, painting, strolling through her new hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania, and going on road trips with her husband, Davey Lister.



New Jersey native, Chris Brown has spent his whole life in the service of Rock and Roll. In his early years Chris studied guitar with Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk, and then both Skid Row guitarists Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill. At music college, Shenandoah University, Chris switched from classical guitar to jazz electric bass. After college he spent a few years kicking around the northern Virginia /West Virginia area playing Psycho-billy Rock, fronting an original rock band, and entertaining music fans of all kinds in a country variety band. Sometime, and many bands later, after returning to New Jersey, Chris was working at a recording/ rehearsal studio where one of his customers was looking for a bassist for their newly formed hard rock tribute. This is where Davey Lister enters the story and has been there ever since.  Playing bass with The Heavy Soul Blues band, in the Jam Room Music Complex as a session musician, or filling in on stages all over the state with rock and blues bands in need of a player, Chris has developed a reputation as someone who knows how to be an entertainer.

BRIAN MORELLI - Drums / Keys / Vocals

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Brian Morelli, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and arranger, was born in New Jersey in 1990. From infancy, Brian showed a tremendous love for music, and at the age of 8, while learning to play the trumpet in his elementary school, he picked up a pair of drumsticks. Influenced by classic rock, old school heavy metal, 70's funk, and classic R&B, Brian practiced drums note-for-note to some of his favorite records. A self-taught musician, Brian impressed his peers and soon joined his first band at the age of 13, performing at his high school and various local venues all throughout his teen years. During this time, Brian also taught himself how to play the guitar, the bass guitar, and keyboards. In speaking of his ability to play a wide array of instruments, Brian says, "I'm influenced by what I hear, and I've always wanted to recreate some of my favorite sounds in music." In addition to playing in The Great Rock N' Roll Time Machine, Brian also plays drums in the Jersey-based alt-rock outfit, My Cruel Summer. And, while Brian continues to plan for future tours, he maintains a steady job as an evening jock and Music Director for WKMK/WTHJ Thunder 106.3/106.5, a country radio station.




Six String Stevie, is the radio host and DJ for WRTM.FM, home of 'The Great Rock 'N Roll Time Machine' program, guiding the audience through the musical and pop-culture whirlwinds which were the 1970s and 1980s. Stevie pops up every once and a while in between songs to talk to the audience, take "live callers" on the air, give shout-outs to the show's "sponsors," and sometimes doesn't invite the most trustworthy of guests for interviews, which gets him into trouble. Though he's our host and de-facto narrator of the radio program, we don't know his real name...or have ever seen his face, come to think of it...

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